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Sunrise on the Mead


The lowlands of the Mead Wildlife Refuge are often shrouded in an early morning ground fog such as in today’s image.  The fog was not thick enough to obscure close at hand landscape features but was just enough to scatter the early morning light into a beautiful reddish glow.  I could include the rising sun in the image as it’s intensity was reduced by both the fog and distant tree branches.  The conditions allowing this image do not often happen and do not last but a few moments.

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Female Cardinal

This female cardinal and her partner are year round habitants of our neighborhood and a frequent visitor to our bird feeders.  One snowy day, she sat in a pine tree just outside my window.  I quickly set up my camera with a telephoto lens.  Positioning the camera to suggest a shaft of light was spotlighting her, she stayed just long enough for me to capture this image. Her male partner is featured in an earlier post.

Fall Colors