Please stop by Koerten’s Fine Framing and Gifts.

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The fine folks there have a wide selection of my framed and unframed photographic art as well as an assortment of note cards. They also have a great talent for custom framing.

Koerten’s Fine Framing & Gifts
2501 Church Street
Stevens Point, WI 54481
(715) 341-7773


Please contact me at the name of the blog post, caption of the image or the URL link  and size you are interested in. Images in the gallery slide shows have an (i) in the upper left corner with the image title and a short descriptor. I will contact you to discuss how to produce an image that will meet your needs.

Many of the images and products are also available on Etsy


I have an Epson 7900 24” printer utilizing a MicroPiezo TFP™ print head and Epson UltraChrome® HDR ink that produces truly stunning images. I print my own images so I can be assured of producing an image evoking the same emotions I felt when originally capturing the image.  I utilize professional photography paper that when combined with UltraChrome® HDR ink produces an archival image that will be enjoyed for years.


Photo Art Note cards are printed on Epson Enhanced Matte Photo Paper. Each is individually crafted and then signed on the front lower right hand corner with a descriptor on the back flap. Since they are printed on archival paper, the image can be framed and enjoyed for years to come

Signed prints are available in any size of up to 24” on the shortest side. Images printed on photographic paper may or may not have a border depending on image size.  Please contact me if you need a specific sized border.

Signed canvas prints  will have the full image appear on the front (noted as image size). The actual printed size is 2″ wider on each side allowing the canvas to be wrapped around a frame. The portion of the image that wraps around the sides is mirrored from the original so that there is no need to crop the image or have a solid color on the sides.

While custom framing brings out the best in any image,  canvas wrapping larger images or printing smaller images to fit into a standard frame is very economical.

5″x7″, 8″x10″, 11″x14″ and 16″x20″ images will fit nicely into standard frames.


A printed image always looks different than when viewed on a computer monitor.  Colors will be slightly different and the printed image will have less brilliance.  A computer monitor is a light source generating an image by projecting light directly to your eye. The printed image is visible because existing light reflects from the image to your eyes.  Because a printed image always absorbs some of the light,  it will have less brilliance than the same image viewed on a monitor. Existing light will have varying color spectrums depending on the light source and environmental conditions. This varying color spectrum alters your perception of the image and this perception changes as the light changes during the day.


Note Cards

5 Photo Art Note Cards   $20.00

Unframed Prints on Archival Photographic Paper

Prints are signed on the lower right corner. A description of the image is included.

8″x10″    $  30.00

11″x14″  $  55.00

16″x20″  $110.00

20″x30″  $200.00

12″x36″   $150.00

20″x60″   $400.00

Additional sizes are available upon request

Unframed and unwrapped Archival Canvas Photographic Paper

Prints are signed on the lower right corner. A description of the image is included. Prints are 2″ wider on each side to allow wrapping the canvas around a frame. Prices are higher than comparable prints on photographic paper as canvas media is more expensive and the print area is greater allowing the image to be wrapped around a frame.

11″x14″  (15’x18″ print area)  $ 100.00

16″x20″  (19’x24″ print area)  $ 165.00

20″x30″  (24″x34″ print area) $ 275.00

12″x36″ (16″x40″ print area)  $ 200.00

20″x60″ (24″x64″ print area)  $ 510.00

Additional sizes are available upon request.


Cost of shipping and handling is included!