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Digital photography has had a profound impact on my image creation. Digital cameras and professional grade desktop printers have evolved to the point where I can control the entire process from image capture to printing. I learned that by controlling the entire process, I could create photographic art that satisfies me.

Central Wisconsin is my home and is where I photograph the landscape about me. I particularly enjoy telling the story of how glaciers have transformed our Wisconsin landscape through my photography. In addition my “photographic eye” is attracted to landscapes that are bathed in early morning light or graced with unusual atmospheric conditions.

To achieve the sharpest resolution possible when capturing the image I use of a tripod, shutter timer and mirror lock up. All of these steps take time but allow the camera to be absolutely steady when capturing the image.

The only filter I use from time to time is a polarizing filter. The camera is unable to capture the same dynamic range of lightness and darkness as the human eye. To compensate, I typically take three separate exposures of each scene. When necessary, I utilize the three exposures to provide additional detail to portions of the scene in deep shadow or over exposed due to very bright light.

Photoshop is my image processing tool of choice. While no image can compare to the actual beauty of the scene it represents, I use local/global color, contrast, tonality and color palate adjustments to reflect the same emotions I felt when originally capturing the image.

I utilize special pigmented ink and archival paper that will allow the image to be enjoyed for years to come. As an artist, I personally print most of my images to achieve a piece of art that I am proud to offer to you. Very large images are outsourced locally to printers who share my attention to detail.

My photographic art  is available in central Wisconsin at:

Koerten’s Fine Framing & Gifts
2501 Church Street
Stevens Point, WI
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