Winter’s Way

Serving as a water highway for native Americans in years gone by, it’s frozen waters continue to provide passage way for a variety of animals as evidenced by a single track on foot prints just off the left bank.

The Plover River travels southwesterly for 42 miles through Langlade, Marathon, and Portage Counties. Its course is generally just west of the terminal moraine of Wisconsin’s last glaciation.

It served  to move melt water from the glacier to the Wisconsin river. Although relatively small in modern times, it must have  been much more impressive when it contained large amounts of melt water from the glacier.  Today the sediment in and near the river bed has been deposited in the recent past while glacial sediment is found further from the river.  Like many of our rivers and streams, the modern stream bed occupies but a small portion of what was present during glacial times.

This image was capture from a Green Circle footbridge crossing the river in the Village of  Whiting.

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