Belt of Venus

If the sky is clear just after sunset or just before sunrise, look at the horizon opposite the sun.  You may well see the Belt of Venus.

Typically there is a pinkish glow due to back scattering of red light from the setting or rising sun.  This is the same atmospheric phenomenon that causes alpenglow. Just below the pink layer, is a darker zone caused by the shadow of the Earth. When the moon is at it’s fullest it will be just opposite the rising/setting sun and can be viewed at the same time as the “Belt of Venus”. The planet Venus, when visible, is typically located in the Belt of Venus.

This image of a Moon Over a Portage County Farm was captured just east of Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  Field stone used to build the farm buildings was obtained from the base of the terminal moraine deposited by Wisconsin’s last glacier some 10,000 years ago.  I was standing midway up the moraine during image acquisition.

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